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Built-Up Roofs (BUR) are composed of alternating layers of re-enforced membrane and bitumen. The number of layers used determines how many plies it has, as in "four plies". The surface is usually aggregate, but glass fiber, aluminum coating, or hot asphalt may be applied.

How Built-Up Roofing Works

The benefits of built-up roofing

  • Energy efficient as it adds insulation

  • More layers mean better waterproofing

  • Creates a more rigid platform for mechanical systems

  • Fire resistant

  • Low maintenance

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Our more notable projects:

  • Kibby Dome in Moscow Idaho

  • Kingdome in Seattle, WA

  • Ketchikan Airport

  • I90 floating bridge tunnel deck in Seattle, WA

  • Two Union Square roofing in Seattle, WA

  • Numerous Boeing projects

  • Northgate Mall in Seattle, WA

  • Ballard High School in Seattle, WA

  • Benninger Residence

  • Zymogenetics in Seattle, WA


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